For the past two decades, ZFNs have been ruling the gene-editing field. Recently, TALEN took the throne from ZFNs, but TALENs reign was short-lasting compared to ZFNs. Before we dive into the future, let us have a quick history lesson on ZFNs and TALEN.

Have you ever witnessed gene-editing technologies battle it out to the death? Well, I have not either, but I am going to give you a first-hand view of a gene-tech showdown. First, let me start with the rules.

Rules and Guidelines:

This showdown bubbles down to three exciting rounds. This…

For over the past decade, zinc finger arrays have been one of the front-runner technologies for gene editing, targeting enzymes, and many other such protein domains (that are specific to a DNA sequence). Through this process, scientists have identified a huge number of zinc finger nucleases hat can recognize various…

Have you ever been to Disneyland? Disneyworld? Well, if you have not, it is the happiest place in the world. In Disneyland you will only ever see smiles, it makes it feel truly magical. Do you know what scientists feel is magical though? Gene editing. I mean imagine, you can…

Look at this.

You must be thinking — AWW that's adorable!! Theres not much that can make this fur-ball much cuter in my eyes. However, some scientists thought differently. Through scrazy sciences like gene editing, CRISPR, transgenic animals, etc. …

Image Creds to Bio Space (

For millions of years, the CRE recombinase systems have ruled over genome editing. Although they were awesome leaders, a new force of power and greatness emerged from the shadows. The DRE-ROX system was here, and they were not leaving without a fight. …

For thousands of years, all of humankind has been fighting.

Not fighting to survive or some noble sh*t, they’ve been fighting against gasses.

Yup, we have been fighting against a life form that can’t even throw a punch, and we've been losing.


Blindness is a disease that affects over 285 million people per year. This number is crazy; so why haven’t we tried to eradicate it?

We have.

We just failed.

What if I told you there was a way we could succeed? Let's just say this solution includes the anatomy of…

The Basics: Space Technology

10x your knowledge is the single greatest thing you can do; some might even say it's out of this world…

Welcome back to the second article in the article series, The Basics. The Basics is a series of articles where you can learn the basics of…

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