Tips, Tricks, and Mindsets for Virtual Conferences

Imagine, city noises surround you as you get out of the heated taxicab and straight to a fancy hotel room in Boston. This was your year to connect with others, make big impressions, and so much more. Sitting in larger conference rooms, watching people speak about the largest issues in the world, for a 2-day experience — unfortunately, that could not happen this year.

#1 — Know the platform!

Just like if you were in person, you should know where the restroom is, the schedule, where the food is, and so forth. Knowing the “lay of the land” can help you get from one session to another like a pro.

#2 — Find a schedule ahead of time!

Most conferences have a large variety of tracks, chats, presentations, and so forth! It can be almost impossible to get all of them, but with this trick, at least you can go to your favorite ones. A day or two in advance, go through your emails, and the website for the conference, the schedule should be hidden in their somewhere!

#3 — Go to the live sessions, not recorded ones!

To make the most out of the conference, always go to the “exclusive” or “live” conferences. For most, the recorded conference is either released a week after or you need special privileges.

#1 — Tackle the Change — head on!

#2 — Attend with no other distractions

Attending with no distraction is harder than it may seem. To attend fully, you cannot check your phone for emails, no YouTube on the side, but instead to really be listening.

#3 — Follow up!

After the conference, is a very crucial time for networking, some may even say more than the actual conference. Reaching out to people on LinkedIn, or Facebook, reintroducing yourself, and finally asking to meet for a “coffee chat” on zoom does wonder for building your network.

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